Here is our Team

CEO and Founder

Muneer Uddin is the CEO and Founder of Civic 365, LLC. He graduated from East Tennessee State University with a bachelor’s degree in Public Health. He enjoys spending time with family and friends, volunteering in the community, and traveling.

With this membership, you will receive alerts to the removal of your name and personal information from voter rolls within our network. Our network is large and consists of both publicly and privately available resources and companies but may not include every institution or agency so you may not receive an alert in all cases

No, we can not stop voter purging. Voter purging happens at the state level. Our intent is to help you monitor your registration status and inform you of any changes within our network. We hope this will help you be more proactive and help ensure you get to vote.

Yes, you can cancel at any time by logging into your member portal.

If after signing up you receive an email that says you are not in our network, we will keep your information within our systems and recheck when we update our network or do another scan. If we find you, we will let you know so you can register once again.

We will only notify you when we have important updates for you. You will automatically be signed up for our newsletter, but you can opt out at any time.

Annual Civic 365 Memberships

(pre-paid one-year term or more):

  • - Under our 30-day Money Back Guarantee, the purchase of a Civic 365 annual membership is eligible for a refund, if your request is made within 30-days of the start of your membership.
  • Each annual renewal of a Civic 365 membership thereafter is also eligible for a refund of the annual renewal price, if your request is made within 30-days of being charged (i.e. of your renewal billing date). The refund is limited to the fees paid for the then-current membership term.

Monthly Civic 365 Memberships

(month to month renewals):

  • -The purchase of a monthly membership is NOT eligible for a refund. If you cancel, the membership will not automatically renew next month but your protection will continue for the remaining days in your existing (already paid for) term.

These Terms and Conditions (The "Terms") are a legal contract Between you and civic365, LLC. ("CIVIC 365","WE" OR "US"). The Terms URL: ("SITE"). By Using Our Site, You Are Agreeing to All The Terms; If You do Not Agree with any of these terms, Do not access or otherwise use our site or any information contained on Our site.

You need not enroll as a member to just visit and view our Site. However, if you elect to obtain or use any voter purge monitoring services, mobile applications or other products or services from us (each referred to as a "Service") you must register for or enroll in the Service and agree to applicable guidelines, terms and agreements ("Service Terms"). If any of the these Terms are inconsistent with the Service Terms for the service you have ordered, the Service Terms will control with respect to that specific Service only.

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Our Privacy Policy applies to information about you that is gathered automatically ("General Information") and to Personal Information (as defined below) that we collect directly from you online and offline, as well as information we collect about you from other sources, such as from third party partners and affiliates, which we may append to other information we collect from or about you. This Privacy Policy applies to visitors and users of our website, (our "Site") (including the mobile app version of our Site), users of Services that we provide at no charge ("Users"), users of Services that require payment of a fee ("Members") (we refer to our Users and Members collectively as our "Customers"), and prospective Customers.

In addition to this Privacy Policy, other contract terms such as our Civic365, LLC. Service Terms and Conditions (the "Service Terms") and our Website Terms of Use, will apply to you, based on the Services you select or use. If you use other Services, additional privacy terms may also be applicable.

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IMPORTANT: PLEASE READ THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THESE SERVICE TERMS (AS DEFINED BELOW) CAREFULLY BEFORE USING THE SERVICES (AS DEFINED BELOW). BY ENTERING THESE SERVICE TERMS, YOU AGREE TO RESOLVE ALL DISPUTES WITH CIVIC 365 THROUGH SMALL CLAIMS COURT OR THROUGH ARBITRATION ON AN INDIVIDUAL BASIS RATHER THAN JURY TRIAL OR CLASS ACTION SUITS (SEE SECTION 17 BELOW). The Civic 365 Service Terms and Conditions (the "Service Terms") are a legally binding agreement between Civic 365, LLC and its successors and assigns. ("Civic 365," "we" "our" or "us") and you ("you," "your" or "yours"), and describe the terms under which you agree to use the Civic 365 voter purge monitoring programs, including any applicable Service Guarantee and Insurance and any other service or product which may be made available to you by us for which you have registered or enrolled or have been registered or enrolled by an authorized third party (collectively the "Services" and individually a "Service"). In these Service Terms we may use the term "Member" which refers to a customer that is enrolled in one of our fee-based Services, such as Civic 365 Voter Purge Alerts. Collectively we will use the term "Customer" when referring to Members and Users.

Both our Privacy Policy and our Website Terms of Use, which apply to our website (our "Site") and your use of our Site, are incorporated by reference into these Service Terms. Notwithstanding anything stated otherwise in these Service Terms, the Privacy Policy shall govern with respect to the collection, use, retention or storage of any information or data provided by you or to which you grant Civic 365 access.

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